In 2010 Jubon Juweelen was born.  Jubon Juweelen is an eclectic store that specializes in Dutch Imports, Wooden Shoes, Disc Golf and Books.  We just moved from a fairly large building downtown to a home based business out of a special room built onto our home. 

We have downsized some of the things we formerly had but still have quite a few notions including Gutermann thread, Dll buttons and Clover knitting needles.  We also have some beautiful handmade jewelry and some beaded work from Bali.  

We usually open around 10:07 a.m. and close around 5:13 p.m., however, since we are now based out of our home, we sometimes are a little flexible with that. 

We do have an open/closed sign in the front.  If you are coming from a distance, please call first so that we can be sure and be here.  We also ship UPS, so if there is something you need and you can’t get here, we can ship it.

204 Iowa Avenue NW
Orange City, Iowa  

712-737-7012 (cell)

Wooden Shoes

Though also a Dutch import, we wanted to make a separate category for wooden shoes from the Netherlands as it is something we specialize in.  We carry four different designs.  Our most popular one is just plain wood that you can finish as you like.  Many people paint them black, but some people have painted fancy designs on them.  We also carry a traditional or farmers design, a red windmill design, and the carved wedding shoes.

If you like the look of the wooden shoe, but would prefer to wear something softer, we have “wooden” shoe carpet slippers in both the tradional and tulip design and also “wooden” shoe gardening clogs.

To order a pair of shoes, please email us at jubonjuweelen@gmail.com.


Although we used to carry a full supply of notions, we now only have a select few.  They include a full line of Gutermann thread and Clover knitting needles.  We can still order anything you need and can usually have it here in a few days.

107 3rd St NE
Orange City, Iowa

Call 712-707-8920 if you have any questions.