Jubon Journal V1I1

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Spring greetings to all of our Jubon friends and welcome to Volume 1, Issue 1 of the Jubon Journal.

We are a new company and we went live with our application on January 1, 2009 featuring our hometown of Orange City, IA. The Orange City map currently shows 42 businesses/organizations.

We have recently begun the search for additional communities to add to our site. Each addition will strengthen our userbase and increase our hits.  Our goal is that Jubon is one of the first resources that people check when looking for locations, telephone numbers, services, web sites, and coupons.

Regards, Jubon


Meet the Team

Since this is our first issue, we would like to take a little time to introduce you to the Jubon Team or more appropriately, family. The co-founders of Jubon are Bonnie Meier along with her two children, Juliana Korver and Clint Korver.

Bonnie created the concept behind Jubon.biz.  Initially she wanted to help Orange City gain an online presence that would promote the community and organize all of the existing online resources.  Bonnie successfully ran for the Orange City City Council to help promote the city.  Although the city did not take on the project, she was met with encouragement and ultimately decided to take on the project herself.  

Bonnie has an Ed.D in Education and is a former school superintendent. Over the years she has started numerous businesses in diverse fields from a clothing store to a print shop. She is currently a co-owner of Sherwood Forest Grants and Consulting.

Bonnie’s first task was to find a few people willing to work on this project with her. She approached both of her children and to her great delight they both agreed.

Juliana Korver currently lives in Bowling Green, KY. She has undergraduate degrees in Math, Computer Science and Earth Science as well as a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. She is Jubon’s Software Engineer and Web Developer.

Clint Korver is a serial entrepreneur with a PhD. in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University. He has experience with Web 2.0 sites and recently wrote a book on Ethics. His role in Jubon will be that of Marketing Director and Business Specialist. Clint lives in Atherton, CA.


New Jubon Feature: Coupons

The difficult economy has motivated consumers to become more resourceful in how they use the Internet to research potential online and in-store purchases.  Printing online coupons is becoming a regular part of consumers’ shopping routine.  Small businesses that ignore these trends in consumer purchasing behavior risk being left behind. 

Online coupon use is growing rapidly. 36 million Americans used online coupons in 2008 and 80% more online coupons were printed in 2008 than in 2007.

More people are online (71%) than read the newspaper (55%).  This gap widens every year.  Online information in general and online coupons in particular are becoming increasingly significant influencers in consumer purchasing behavior. 

Jubon has responded to the impressive statistics above by adding coupons to our site. Businesses who are on Jubon can promote themselves using the online coupons.

Each business who has a coupon will be identified with a gray and green icon on the Jubon map. The popup for the business will contain a green coupon button. When you click that button, you will be taken to all the available coupons for that business.

Note, the number of coupons available for the community will be displayed on the communities start page. If you click on the coupon sign on the start page, you will be taken to the coupon list for the community where you will see all available coupons for the entire community.



If you are already on Jubon and you haven’t received your Jubon contract, you can expect to see it soon. You will receive two copies of the contract. Please look them over and call Bonnie at 712.707.8920 if you have any questions.

When you are satisfied with the contract, we ask that you sign both copies. One copy is for your records and one should be returned to either the Chamber office or to Bonnie. If you would like for us to pick it up, just call Bonnie at 712.707.8920.


Working with the Chamber

In Orange City, we are working with the Chamber of Commerce to promote the community and retail businesses. Therefore, to be part of Jubon’s Orange City map, you must also be a member of the Orange City Chamber of Commerce. New Chamber Director, Mike Hoffman, has been instumental in helping to get Jubon off the ground. To enquire about becoming a Chamber member, contact Mike Hoffman at 712.707.4510.